Finance Unit

The GMU finance unit provides support to the BMS, MSTP and DSCB programs. For assistance, feel free to contact the appropriate staff member.

  • Student stipend and tuition/fee processing: Monique Piazza
  • Expense reimbursements for students and faculty participating in BMS, DSCB and MSTP activities: please submit expense reimbursement requests to your program coordinator, who will triage your request.
  • Predoctoral fellowship pre- and post-award management: for MSTP F30/31 applications, please contact Nathan Jew. All others, please contact Monique Piazza.
  • Program budgets: Lisa Magargal
  • Training grant pre-award management: Lisa Magargal
  • Training grant post-award management: Monique Piazza
  • Staff support, training and oversight: Lisa Magargal