Developmental & Stem Cell Biology (DSCB) Graduate Program

Program Coordinator: Demian Sainz
(415) 476-8467

Assistant Program Coordinator: Ned Molyneaux
(415) 476-1246

The DSCB Program builds upon the outstanding strengths of basic and translational research at UCSF, and provides training in four overlapping and interrelated thematic areas:

  • Stem Cells and Cell Differentiation
  • Organogenesis and Tissue Regeneration
  • Pattern Formation and Morphogenesis
  • Evolutionary Developmental Biology

The DSCB Program offers an integrated and multidisciplinary educational opportunity for graduate students pursuing careers in these rapidly expanding fields. The DSCB Program includes more than sixty UCSF Faculty members from various clinical and basic science departments and with diverse interests. Most DSCB faculty have ongoing laboratory projects that span multiple thematic areas.

Visit the DSCB graduate program website to learn more about admissions, curriculum, faculty laboratories, current students, events, and more.